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Application in Construction areas:

Brick making, Cement Mixing, Concrete mixing, Curing


  • Presence of salt in water reduces initial strength of concrete & in some cases no strength can be achieved.With rusting problem in steel provided in RCC.
  • There won't be proper bondage of the bricks when made leading to falling off the material & no strength in the bricks.
  • Bad water affects quality ofthe concrete mixtures leading to lesser strength in the construction & early deteriorations ofthe buildings & air cracks.
  • RCC slobs gets fallen like patches with loose concrete due to bad quality of water used in concrete mixing. Rusting ofthe steel bars which are considered the major strength to the structure.
  • Bad water adversely affects the curing procedures in constructions.
  • Scale formation on the motor pump impellers leading to more current usage.
  • Algae formations at the leakages & patches on the structures.
  • White spotting of salts & scales on the taps, wash basins, bath tubs and other costly fittings. Frequent blockages of your shower heads & taps.
  • Clogged pipe lines due to heavy scale formations, thus leading to breakage & internal Seeping in the interiors of the building.

Benefits of using NCIWC

  • It will reduce the risk of compromising the strength of the structure because of water. It improve mixture of cement concrete for workability.
  • Compression strength improves by more than 15 %.It increases workability, density and strength.
  • Strong concrete mixtures with quality water. No air cracks in the structures.
  • Solid & strong bricks, Strong and long lasting RCC slabs with best water curing practice.
  • No scale formations, no internal seepages. No more scaling in the pipe lines.
  • Clean shower heads & taps, No more White spotting of salts & scales on the taps, wash basins, bath tubs and other costly fittings.