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We are occupied with outlining high review Drinking Water Filtration Plant that is produced using quality crude materials. It treats crude water, which contains undesirable dregs, shading, green growth and other destructive life forms. Accordingly, gives safe water to drinking. In this, PAC is infused into the water to adsorb scents and lethal mixes created by the green growth took after by the routine procedure, which uproots it. The blend of water and chemicals is firmly upset in second time before being conveyed by a channel into one of the three flocculation tanks. Here, vast flat oars turn gradually to urge the floc to shape and become greater. From the flocculation tanks, the water moves into the sedimentation tanks. As the filtration plant backs off these tanks, the huge particles settle to the floor under gravity. We offer these in three noteworthy sorts, which are dim water treatment plant, iron evacuation channel plant and cartridge channel plant.

Ultra Filtration Plant

Our company is manufacturer of world class Ultra Filtration Plant This system provides tangential flow pressure driven filtration process.

Pressure Sand Filter

We are providing quality certified array of Pressure Sand Filter, which is especially demanded for removal of suspended solids.

Activated Carbon Filter

We are developing high grade Activated Carbon Filter that is built keeping in mind the domestic and global parameters. An activated carbon filter.

Cartridge Filters

We are engaged in developing excellent Cartridge Filter Plant, which comprises of fabric or polymer-based filters designed primarily to remove particulate material from fluids.

Iron Removal Filter

We are manufacturing quality tested range of Iron Removal Filter Plant that is made from genuine stainless steel, making it corrosion resistant and weather proof..

Dealkaliser Unit

We are engaged in manufacturing quality certified Dealkalizer Units, which offers most comprehensive line of chloride-anion dealkalizers.