Sewage Treatment Plants Suppliers in Hyderabad India

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We are conspicuous maker of Sewage Treatment Plants that are broadly utilized for treating sewage before scattering it into waterways and seas. We offer both redid and institutionalized sewage treatment plants for city partnerships, lodging social orders, business edifices, SEZs, inns and healing facilities. These frameworks decrease lifetime costs and possess 1/fifth of the space of any ordinary framework. With alternatives of establishments in storm cellars, on patios, reusing, complete mechanization and associations with the city lines, thermax frameworks are perfect and maintainable answers for decentralized sewage treatment. These plants are totally rust free, expend less power and have longer administration life.


  • Standard models capacity: 10 up to 500 m3/day in single unit
  • Smaller plants capacity: 1 m3 per day