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Now that we have covered Calcium Carbonate, the two forms it can take in natural water and the events that trigger scale deposits, we are able to explain the mechanism behind our successful technology.

As water passes through our equipment it is subjected to a turbulent interaction in a catalytic chamber, along with a Dc power supply of 5volts and 5-10 mille Amps shall create a field to convert Calcite to Aragonite and also creates adhesive & cohesive condition where in the dissolved compounds of positive & negative charges gets weakened of the bondage thus the effect of their presence in water is totally removed.

This electric current causes an important change to take place. A percentage of the Calcium and Carbon in the water comes out of solution and goes into suspension forming Calcium Carbonate in the aragonite state.

The microscopic aragonite crystal formations remain suspended in the water and pass harmlessly through the system. Changes in temperature or pH no longer lead to hard scale deposits. Calcium and Carbon that may have been previously deposited as Calcite have already been converted to Aragonite, effectively suspending it in the water.

As the process repeats itself, newly created Aragonite crystal formations are continually produced thus preventing scale deposits. The process also continues to gradually remove any scale that may have accumulated in the past. This is due to the water being under saturated with dissolved calcium and carbon.

Reduces surface tension of water molecules Allowing the water to absorb greater quantities Of minerals typically calcium & magnesium Carbonates & other bicarbonates.


Uncharged particles are free to collide and aggregate

Scale forming mineral molecules and slime forming bacteria cells are charged to same electrical polarity there by repels each others Instead of bonding together or to another Elements to form scale & slime deposits


Uncharged particles are free

Operational Benefits

  • Acid cleans and other forms of invasive maintenance are greatly reduced as a result of Scale and Bio film Removal from the system.
  • Scale is a very effective insulator, as little as 1/8" of Scale can reduce the thermal transfer efficiency of Cooling Tower by as much as 10 percent or more. Eliminating Scale will save thousands of Rupees (INR) in Electrical Charges.
  • Maintain maximum operating efficiency even in the warmest weather through the removal of Scale from the complete cooling system.
  • Less system bleeds. The addition of chemicals increases the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) level in the cooling water thereby increasing system bleed rates.
  • By decreasing your bleeds you REDUCE your water usage.
  • Maintenance savings, no more Acid cleans or repairs to Dosing equipment due to the Corrosiveness of Chemicals.
  • The life of your Cooling system & Boilers is increased because of the non existence of Corrosive chemical in your system.
  • You reduce the risk of inhalation of chemicals in water droplets created by wind age.
  • You increase your operating efficiency.
  • To have the ability to Re-cycle Bleed water. (Non Toxic.)